Hunting in the west of Ireland

We at Flowerhill have been involved in hunting and organising hunting for our clients for many generations, we also have our very own private registered pack, the "Flowerhill Hounds" kennelled right here on the estate.

We can arrange cross country schooling or hound exercising on the estate and neighbouring farms.

There is also an option of hunting with other local packs. Hunting terrain consists of mostly nice stone walls, hedges, man made fences and very few ditches/ drains.

Tuesday: The Ormond Hunt or the Galway Blazers

Wednesday: The Grallagh Harriers or the East Galway Hunt

Thursday: The Galway Blazers

Friday (or any other day possible for group bookings): Flowerhill Hounds

Saturday: East Galway Hunt

Sunday: Countryside Drag-hunt or Glasson Farmers, Flowerhill Hound exercising can be arranged for group bookings.

All riders must have their own personal accident insurance, sign waiver forms and pay capping fees to the hunt secretary on the hunt day.

Accommodation and packages made to suit your wishes can be arranged.

Feel free to contact Flowerhill directly at or one of our trusted agents for further details. (see Location and Bookings)