Cross-country Holidays at Flowerhill

Flowerhill Equestrian Centre is a must do in Ireland for practicing cross-country. We have over 150 fences located throughout Flowerhill including a mixture of natural logs, drops, bush fences, banks, ditches, stone walls and a huge variety of man made obstacle with most of the fences including 2 or more options to suit different abilities. Take a look at some of our fences in our photo gallery to give you an idea of the variety and options available. We have a range of horses to suit and accommodate most semi-experienced rider levels and we will work with you to improve your skills and techniques.

The cross-country course is open all year long (mostly all-weather course from October to March) and fences are moved regularly to ensure that both riders and horses enjoy themselves while also being challenged. All riders must be confident in walk trot and canter.

Riders must have their own riding equipment, maximum of 7 riders per group.

For more information of what we offer please go to "Packages and Price lists 2022/23" or get in touch with us or one of our agency's.

Pre novice fences

Novice fences

Open fences